Edge of Tomorrow (2014)


Action, comedy, and time travel all rolled into one movie. As far as refreshing and fun summer blockbusters go, Edge of Tomorrow takes the cake.

Cage (Tom Cruise) is an officer who finds himself in an unusual situation when he is forced to the front lines of a war with an alien race despite the fact that he isn’t trained for combat. He then watches himself and everyone around him die, only to wake up on the same day before the battle. He eventually realizes he is stuck in a time loop, and the only other person who seems to understand what is happening to him is Rita (Emily Blunt) a.k.a. the “Full Metal Bitch,” who is famous for kicking alien ass. One of the benefits of having a reset button is that if Cage even so much as breaks a leg during training, Rita can just shoot him in the head and start all over again. It’s sort of like playing a video game. It doesn’t matter how reckless you are because if you die, you get to try again.

Doug Liman, who has directed other thrilling action movies such as The Bourne Identity, has brought us a movie that doesn’t get stale no matter how many times you watch different versions of the same scene. Despite the time loop, the scenes never become too repetitive and boring thanks to the well-paced script and the humor and enthusiasm of Cruise’s character. It’s fun to watch him try to perfect certain scenarios, and to watch him screw up on the most simple things like failing to cross a battlefield by getting hit by a truck, or trying to discreetly roll under a moving army car without getting run over by it.

I’m not a huge fan of Tom Cruise, but I think he did pretty well in this. This movie was loads better than Oblivion. The last action movie of Cruise’s I actually enjoyed as much as this was Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol, where Cruise scaled the Burj Khalifa tower in Dubai–the tallest building in the world–among other things. I give him credit for sticking with the action movie genre and doing most of his own stunts even though he’s over 50. Actually, I give all of the actors in Edge of Tomorrow credit for running around with those 85-pound metal suits on for most of the movie. It must have been hell.

Emily Blunt did a great job as the kick-ass female character. This is the second movie dealing with time travel that I’ve seen her in. It’s definitely a step up from Looper, which was an OK movie, but could’ve been better if the time travel actually made some sense and they didn’t spend 90% of a “futuristic” movie on an old farm. I like how in this movie she just comes running out on to the battlefield and is the only person using a huge sword to wreck alien faces.

I was surprised by how much I liked this movie, and even more surprised about the good reviews it was getting. When I first saw the trailer, I wasn’t really interested and figured it was going to be just another forgettable, big-budgeted, CGI-filled movie with a lackluster script about an alien invasion that has been done a thousand times already. Instead, we got a big-budgeted, CGI-filled movie with an interesting story, a refreshing mix of comedy, characters who don’t take themselves too seriously, and a cool time loop scenario that I haven’t seen done so well since Groundhog Day. The one and only problem I had with it is that the ending confused me, and it felt a little rushed, but perhaps that’s just me and someone who is better suited to deduct logic from a time travel, alien blockbuster will have an easier time than I did. Still, it’s worth the trip to the theater I think.



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