MovieRob’s 007 December Blogathon


I just want to let everyone know that MovieRob is hosting a blogathon in December dedicated to all things James Bond and he is looking for more participants. You can view the list of movies here on his blog.

There are 26 movies to choose from and multiple people can choose the same one. So if you have a favorite Bond movie you’d love to review, but haven’t gotten around to it, do it! Otherwise, it’s a good opportunity to watch one you’ve never seen before and give your take on it.

I encourage all regular bloggers on here to participate in blogathons and guest posts, because it not only allows you to network with people who love the same things you do, but it also provides a way to gain more exposure to your own blog, so you should take advantage of it whenever the opportunity arises.

MovieRob hosts different blogathons often, including his Genre Grandeur feature every month where he asks people to review their favorite movies in a chosen genre.

So, head on over to his blog right now, click the follow button if you haven’t already, check out the list of Bond movies and leave your choice in the comments! The deadline is by November 27th, so that gives you plenty of time to watch an awesome Bond movie and write up something good, then send your review in to

Thanks everyone, and have a great day. 🙂

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About Justine B.

I'm a 25-year-old who grew up watching all kinds of movies and have always been passionate about them. I am a college grad who studied films, filmmaking, and writing, so why not put those skills to good use and write about movies? My goal is to see as many movies as I can and share them with fellow movie lovers. I've created this blog in order to do just that. I want to write about movies, new and old, and share updates on things I'm excited about.

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