Genre Grandeur – Die Hard (1988)

My choice review for this month’s Genre Grandeur is Die Hard. Check it out over at MovieRob! Yippee-ki-yay motherfu- …Have a nice day!

For the next entry in this month’s Genre Grandeur, here’s a review of Die Hard (1988) by Justine of Justine’s Movie Blog.

Next month’s Genre will be Holiday movies (it can be any film about any holiday).  To participate, just send me your review by 23rd of December to and I’ll post it!

Take a look at what Justine thinks of Die Hard…..


die-hard-movie-posterI’ll admit Die Hard may not be the most original choice for a favorite ’80s action flick. But in a way, it breaks the mold of all the other shoot ’em up action movies with the really muscular heroes and overwhelmingly cheesy dialogue. Yeah, I love all those other movies too, but Die Hard won me over with a simple, yet skillfully written plot and a great, sarcastic main character who is basically just an ordinary guy thrown into an extraordinary situation.

John McClane (Bruce…

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